Recently the idea and topic of fear has been emerging.  It is one of the emotions which I believe people tend to shy away from and are afraid (no pun intended) to acknowledge it.

I wanted to spend some time sharing some of my own thoughts on fear.  In doing so I decided to look it up. The definition is As we move through life, there can and will be so many things to be fearful of.  Life is hard as we know.  There are moments where we can feel up and be feeling great, and there are moments where we are full of fear and uncertainty.  The question is, what do we do with fear?

I like to think of it as having healthy doses of discomfort.  I like to think of fear as getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.  Not so uncomfortable so that we feel incapacitated, however, don’t we have to have a healthy dose of fear to navigate through life?  Otherwise, we would all be touching things such as hot coals, or jumping out of airplanes without a parachute (please know this is something you will never find me doing!) 

A baby who has learned to crawl learns to walk.  Watch them as they navigate with holding onto things, one step at a time.  If they stumble which they will, they sometimes fall.  Do they experience fear?  My guess would be yes.  However, they get back up and try again.  That is what we can ask of ourselves, be the baby learning to navigate across the room.  Stumble, even fall, but try to get back up.  And sometimes a little help can be needed as well.  Embrace it and move forward. 

Be well,