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What is NJ Depression Counseling? I decided to spend some time going into one of the topics which I do, depression counseling. Sometimes the “words can get in the way” when somebody asks what exactly is depression and how can counseling help them.

This is where NJ Depression Counseling comes in. Children: Depression can manifest itself differently in different people.

In children, depression can sometimes look like anger or defiance. A parent may become frustrated with their child’s anger (or what looks like it) and give them consequences for their actions. Don’t get me wrong, I am a believer in consequences for people of all ages, I think it can be a helpful life lesson, depending on how it is gone about!

However, in a child, if the child is depressed, it can be important to get down to what is really going on with the child.

Adults: In adults, depression can manifest itself in different ways. It can sometimes be very hard to get out of bed. Personal hygiene can become effected as the depressed person may not want to shower or do something like brush his or her teeth. Depression can also feel like “something is off” and the person may be unsure of what is going on. These are just examples of the many ways in which depression can look.

For more information on another NJ resource please visit Depression Counseling: Here comes in depression counseling. When a person, regardless of age, comes in to see me, I take a look, along with the client, at what has been going on in his or her life. How long has the person been feeling the way he or she has been? Has anything changed in the way of relationships, living circumstances or work? Is the person experiencing health circumstances which are weighing on their mind? So much of counseling involves talking things out. I also enjoy journeying with a client giving worksheets for the client to do either in sessions or out of the sessions. (This is only if the client feels this will be helpful to them!) It is always a pleasure when a person begins to feel as if there is a shift in his or her life and begins to feel differently. This is when the “light” can begin to break through and the person begins to see hope. Difference. Belief in the future. This is the moment a therapist like me lives for.

For more information on NJ depression counseling please visit Until next time. -Alicia

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There are some days I sit back and reflect.  Am I where I want to be?  Am I doing everything I can to live my best life possible?

Reflecting can take on a variety of different meanings.  When we look at ourselves in the mirror we are staring at a reflection of what we are.  Do we like what we see?  Are we looking at our flaws?  Who is it that is looking back at us?

Reflection can also mean thinking about our lives as a whole.  Are we doing everything we can to live the most meaningful life possible?  Each day, are we looking at our lives and looking at it with the element of gratitude?

Sometimes I sit back and think about the frailty of life.  It is sobering and scary to think about.  Yet, can looking at the frailty of life also lead us down a different path?

If I take my day today so far, there has been nothing unusual about it.  I am about to see clients and about to try my best to assist each person with their own journey.

Yet, I take my day before me and reflect upon it.  I am humbled when a client allows me the privilege of walking with them to be a different version of themselves.  That is not something I take lightly.  When I work with a client, I encourage them at times to reflect upon their own lives, the choices they are making, and decide if a different path should be taken.

That is a practice I want to engage in more regularly for myself.  Each day I am able to get up is a blessing.  If I take the time to reflect upon that, I can be a better version of my self.  That is the path I journey with my clients on for themselves.

Live your best life possible.

With gratitude,



Getting to Know Each Other

In this blog, I want to continue to tell you a little more about me in the hopes that it will help you to tell me a little about yourself! As I mentioned in my last blog I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). I am also a wife and a mother. I currently have dogs, cats and fish. To say I am an animal lover is an understatement! It would be very unusual for you to meet me without me having some fur on my clothing from one of my furry children on me. My family is very important to me for a variety of reasons which you will find out as you get to know me. I believe that in life it is helpful and sometimes essential to have a support system. There have been times where I have gone through situations where I have needed a support system for myself. This can be difficult to think about. Yet, in trying to introduce myself to you I believe in being “real” with you as my reader, in hopes you will try to be real with me.

Hi, I’m Alicia! By now you probably know who I am, but just in case you don’t, I am a New Jersey Telehealth Therapist and I’m so happy you landed here!

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Hi and Welcome!

Welcome to Your Best Self! My vision for this site and my counseling practice is exactly that, I would love for people to imagine their best selves and reach for the sky. In my blogs I will be writing about things which are important to me and help you to get to know me, but perhaps more importantly, I want everyone to help themselves to get in touch with who they are. As a start, I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) licensed in the state of NJ. I have worked with many different populations over the years, since I graduated with my Masters Degree from Fordham University in 2000. I would like to think that I have been part of people’s journeys over the years as they fought hard to become the best version of themselves. I invite you to subscribe to my blog and interact with me. I welcome your story.

Alicia Joel -LCSW