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Covid 19, NJ Anxiety and Depression

NJ Anxiety and Depression

We are living in a time with a great deal of uncertainty. There is no doubt about that. All of us watched as the world began to struggle with this and then it began to hit home in a different kind of way here in NJ with Anxiety and Depression. In NJ, we are seeing an upswing in anxiety and depression.

Here in Bergen County, as it is in other parts of the world, this virus is wreaking havoc. People’s lives and routines are set now into a new reality, one which we are all hoping will be over sooner rather than later. Even before businesses were forced by law to shut their doors, I made the painful decision to shut mine and move to telehealth. What this means is that I am seeing people throughout the state of NJ on online platforms. We see each other and hear each other and communicate through the internet. I am so grateful that we are living in a society in which I can continue to see my clients through this platform until it is safe for me to reopen and see clients in person. Additionally, the thing which has been on my mind is what this situation is doing for people suffering from depression and anxiety. We are being told that we have to isolate and use social distancing. This makes dealing with depression and anxiety all the more challenging. Additionally, I am concerned for what this will do mentally for people after this virus has gone away. I believe mental health is more important now than ever to deal with head on… What will we do in NJ after this crisis has ended if we do not deal with anxiety and depression now? Reaching Out I have been encouraging people to reach out to me at


I want to encourage people to continue to do so. There is no need to sit in silence. Please remember this and do what you can do for each other, and for yourselves. In health and wellness, Alicia