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Instilling Hope

One thing I have been thinking about and actively working on with people is instilling hope.  When I first say this, what does this even mean?!

I am a believer in the power of perception.  I believe that through therapy and introspection, a person can begin to see that there may be another side to a situation he or she may be experiencing.  I guess we can think of this as the classic, “glass half empty or half full.”

I recently explained my thought process to somebody who is going through a really rough patch.  When going through a rough patch it can be difficult, and sometimes feel impossible, to see the silver lining in the clouds.  It came to me that this process can be also thought of as finding the flashlight.  When looking for the silver lining and finding it difficult, if not impossible to see, I first like to assist a person with finding their flashlight.  Once the flashlight is found, we can then search for the silver lining with the glimmer of light.  This glimmer of light is called hope.

May your sky light up like the Fourth of July…

Until next time.


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