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Keep on Dancing

I recently had the privilege of attending my mother in law’s 80th birthday party.  This was a party which she chose to have for herself, and threw it herself.

One of the themes which seemed to arise was her love for dancing.  It was on a gift which we chose to get her and several people at the party spoke of her love for dancing.

My mother in law called me this morning.  She said to me, “If someday my legs can’t do it I hope my spirit is always able to dance.”


Doesn’t this make you stop in your tracks?

My mother in law has not had the easiest life.  I won’t go into details but believe me on this.   She could have thrown in the towel years ago.  However, at the age of 80 to throw a party for herself, to have people in her life who enrich her life so greatly…and then…..

“If someday my legs can’t do it I hope my spirit is always able to dance.”

I have written on here about my relationship with running.  I call my runs “trots” because I am by far, the worst runner in the world but somehow get myself from point A to point B.  Slowly.   However, isn’t it about the spirit and act of moving forward, to working towards a goal and crossing your own finish line, whatever it may be, the best part of it all?

I hope I am able to remember her words.  Keep that spirit.  And continue to think as she thinks at her ripe age of 80.

For you dear reader, I hope that your spirit is always able to dance.  Keep pushing forward.  It is worth it.


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