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Moving On Another Time

Today’s blog is about decisions.

Sometimes it feels as if decisions can be tough.  For me at least.  But somehow I knew after just a short time that the place I had chosen for my office was not the best space.  It did not feel like the dream which I had envisioned for my clients.  It did not seem like it would be the best place for me to be long term.  Even further, it did not seem like my clients could be the best versions of themselves there.

Somehow I needed to make a decision.  A change.  A move.  Again.  And off I went searching again for a place where I truly envisioned myself being the best therapist I can possibly strive to be.  I searched for a place where my clients can truly relax, feel good about where they are when they are with me, and let themselves go.

Then, I found it!  As soon as I saw it I knew it was a great place for me and my clients.  Therefore, I made a decision.  I acted upon my decision and went for it. And soon I will be moving in.

I truly know this will be a good decision for myself and for my clients.  Yet, as we know, change can be hard.  Scary.  Overwhelming.  However, I am choosing to also re-frame for myself when I look at this situation and think things such as:

This will be great!

I can’t wait to be in this space!

I think my clients will love it here!

And on and on my thoughts go.

So, dear reader, how do you re-frame for yourself when you feel overwhelmed?  When a decision needs to be made and you may be faced with “What do I do?”  My suggestion is to sit back, take it all in, make the decision which you feel will be best for yourself and those effected by it, and then re-frame if needed.  And lastly, smile that things can only look up.

Until next time.


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