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Moving Onwards and Upwards

Yesterday was exciting for me.  I met with the editor in chief at Montclair State’s newspaper, The Montclarion.  Her name is Haley and I also met the photographer named Olivia.  It was really a delightful experience discussing how I met my husband years ago at Montclair State and about our history at the school.  I also enjoyed discussing my hopes and my dreams for Your Best Self LLC.  I am currently looking for an office space to meet with clients and my insurance credentialing is coming closer to getting done.  This is teaching me patience which has never been a strength of mine!  However, in the meantime I continue to think about my goals for my therapy practice and how I truly want to reach and serve as many people as possible who may be struggling.  Life can be so challenging at times and I think that it can be difficult to find the “right fit” with a clinician, one who a person feels that they can connect with and truly be themselves with.  As I continue onwards with my search for a space which will help me connect and serve clients, please let me know what you think is important to a client.  Is it feeling secure within the office space?  Easy accessibility to the space such as convenience and distance from you?  What are the things which would make you feel good about coming in to see me?


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Hi, I’m Alicia! By now you probably know who I am, but just in case you don’t, I am a New Jersey Telehealth Therapist and I’m so happy you landed here!

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