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NJ Depression Counseling- Search for a Therapist

What is NJ Depression Counseling? I decided to spend some time going into one of the topics which I do, depression counseling. Sometimes the “words can get in the way” when somebody asks what exactly is depression and how can counseling help them.

This is where NJ Depression Counseling comes in. Children: Depression can manifest itself differently in different people.

In children, depression can sometimes look like anger or defiance. A parent may become frustrated with their child’s anger (or what looks like it) and give them consequences for their actions. Don’t get me wrong, I am a believer in consequences for people of all ages, I think it can be a helpful life lesson, depending on how it is gone about!

However, in a child, if the child is depressed, it can be important to get down to what is really going on with the child.

Adults: In adults, depression can manifest itself in different ways. It can sometimes be very hard to get out of bed. Personal hygiene can become effected as the depressed person may not want to shower or do something like brush his or her teeth. Depression can also feel like “something is off” and the person may be unsure of what is going on. These are just examples of the many ways in which depression can look.

For more information on another NJ resource please visit Depression Counseling: Here comes in depression counseling. When a person, regardless of age, comes in to see me, I take a look, along with the client, at what has been going on in his or her life. How long has the person been feeling the way he or she has been? Has anything changed in the way of relationships, living circumstances or work? Is the person experiencing health circumstances which are weighing on their mind? So much of counseling involves talking things out. I also enjoy journeying with a client giving worksheets for the client to do either in sessions or out of the sessions. (This is only if the client feels this will be helpful to them!) It is always a pleasure when a person begins to feel as if there is a shift in his or her life and begins to feel differently. This is when the “light” can begin to break through and the person begins to see hope. Difference. Belief in the future. This is the moment a therapist like me lives for.

For more information on NJ depression counseling please visit Until next time. -Alicia

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