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This week my thoughts are on this word.  This one word takes on many meanings.  As with most things, I feel that the important piece is what does this word means to you?

I had the experience this past week of completing the seventh race for the 9 plus 1 series through the New York Road Runners.  Since the one volunteer opportunity was completed months ago, what this means is that after two more races which will be done in October, I will officially qualify to participate in the NYC marathon in 2020.

For me, having completed seven races out of the nine required thus far is a feeling of pride.  It has been believing in myself and my capabilities when I had to dig really deep.  This is something which not only does not come easily to me but in fact, is extremely difficult.  I call my runs the turtle trot for a reason.  I am slow, awkward, and consider what I do something between a walk, jog (shudder at the word!) or a run.  I have settled on the word trot as something to me which is meaningful. (It also brings some humor to what I am doing which I feel is very important!)

At this race I had many feelings stir in me.  As I stood at the start line looking down 5th Avenue in NYC, I once again had the mental fight within my head about what I am actually doing out here with all these accomplished runners.  Yet, I battled those thoughts and settled on being proud of my own ability, knowing that in the past I have had days I have been unable to trot and there will be days in the future I will be unable to trot.  However, today and the day I set down 5th Avenue was not that day.

What is it that you dear reader are proud of yourself for?  What are you doing in your life which is giving you a sense of pride and accomplishment?  What can be done for you to experience your own inner joy and combat those inner voices in your head which say “I can’t….”

I am here to say I believe you can.  And I am hoping you can believe it too.

Until next time.

– Alicia

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