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The Balancing Act

The past few weeks have been busy.  I am now settled into my new office and am really enjoying the space.  Feedback on furniture has been good which makes me pleased since so much thought and energy was directed into making my new setup an experience which people will feel good about being in.

One of the things in settling in and settling down which has sparked my thoughts is about how much energy to devote to things.  The analogy I often think of and describe to people is that of a good old fashioned balance scale.  If too much is on one side it dips too low, if too much is on the other side it will also be unbalanced.  I look at life as I look at a balance scale, how can I stay as even or close to the middle as possible?

One strategy I have been trying to adhere to is keeping an eye on my own energy levels.  What are the things which are making me dip too low?  What is bringing an unevenness or lack of balance to my life?  Then, what can I do to attempt to make things more balanced?

I think that this requires a good deal of introspection and constant monitoring.  I am attempting to continue to work on this so I can be the best person I can possibly be.  Monitoring myself and my eb and flow of things will continue to be part of what keeps me in the best shape possible.

What are some tactics you use to balance yourself?  I would love to hear things which are helpful to you in a continued effort to learn and grow.

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