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Thoughts on Perspective

I had been thinking of getting back into blogging more as I had in the past.  Sometimes I just need a push in the right direction.  I want to share with you what pushed me today to write my thoughts on perspective.

Sometimes in my work with clients things come up which seem to circle around certain themes.  The theme which has been coming up in my work at is the notion of perspective.  For example, I can take a white sheet of paper and place it between two people sitting.  One can look at the sheet of paper and say that the paper is white.  The other person can be looking at the same sheet of paper and say that it is yellow.  Both believe they are correct.  Neither will waver in their thought process.

Therefore, how is it decided who is correct and who is incorrect?  Do we have to make a distinction on correctness?  Or do we simply take into account that one person is sitting on a side of the table with light coming in through a window?  Let’s imagine a clear and sunny day and images are seen vividly, with the beauty of the light filtering in.  However, on the other side of the table the light is constricted.  There is a blind which was drawn which makes the light seemingly imperfect.  There is also a fluorescent light ahead which casts shadows and colors differently as they appear in the room.  To this person, this sheet of paper appears yellow and to them it is yellow. 

The difficult part and more thoughts on perspective…

What makes it difficult at times is to acknowledge that we are all “seemingly imperfect”.  We can view ourselves in one light based upon the day we had, and perhaps think badly of ourselves because of our actions taken in that one day.  We may discount our other days in which we reached out to a lonely neighbor, an old friend whom we had disconnected with or perhaps a family member with whom there are some cold feelings involved.  However, the person sitting across from you on the other side of the table is viewing you as the beautiful soul who reached out to them, helped them in their time of need, took the time to remember them or simply tried to make things right.

In conclusion, let us all do our best to attempt to see the perspective of the person sitting on the other side of the table.  We may not be able to do it today or tomorrow, but one day we can perhaps see the light in whatever image we view it in, as perfectly imperfect as it may be.

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