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Is Anxiety Ruling Your Life?

Anxiety is a common emotion and doesn’t always mean that you have an anxiety disorder. Feelings of anxiety are meant to serve a purpose, however, when those feelings get out of hand and disrupt our daily lives, it might be time to seek help.

Anxiety can be tough to deal with by ourselves. Taking the steps to reach out for help may seem even worse. When we experience unchecked feelings of anxiety it may be difficult to admit to ourselves, let alone others, how we are truly feeling.

What Does Anxiety Feel Like?

Some common signs that you might be experiencing anxiety include:

Feeling “keyed” up

Physical feelings such as stomach aches, lightheadedness, increased heart rate

Difficulty falling asleep & staying asleep

Feeling a loss of control

Persistent worry about events occurring in your life, or sometimes in the world at large

Trouble relaxing

Symptoms of anxiety can’t be summed up so easily.

Understanding Anxiety

We are all extremely complex beings. It can be difficult to recognize that your feelings of anxiety are not permanent. Sometimes depression can even coexist with your anxiety. I don’t like to think of humans as “existing in a bubble” but rather as layered individuals where one thing can affect the other, and so on. Can you picture when one domino falls creating a ripple effect against the others?

Reaching out for therapy may feel overwhelming and taking the necessary steps to do so may be prolonged as a result. I try my best to acknowledge that reaching out can be a difficult task, and I commend anyone that reaches out and takes the next step. I will do my best to make the process as manageable as possible.

What to Expect in
Counseling for Anxiety with Me

Similarly to depression counseling, during the first session we will discuss and expand on the intake paperwork which was already completed in the secure portal I use. If we decide to continue working together past the intake appointment we will possibly use some Cognitive Behavioral Strategies in our work together. Together we will assess if this is the best mode for helping to ease your anxiety or if you could benefit more from a different therapy structure. I often like to utilize worksheets with clients and we can decide if you would like to take this route or take another route. Always remember that you are the caption of your ship!

As we continue working together we will continually assess how you are feeling. Together, we will decide when you feel a lessening of your anxiety symptoms and wish to terminate therapy. There is no set number of sessions, everyone’s journey is different….

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