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Is Depression Looming Over You?

Reaching out is often the hardest part. I find that clients tend to spend time trying to ease symptoms of depression, sometimes without realizing that they are experiencing depression.

What Does Depression Feel Like?

Some common signs that you might be experiencing anxiety include:

Change in appetite and/or weight

Feeling not quite yourself

Feeling “down”

Change of hygiene habits

Crying and sometimes feeling unsure as to why

Sleeping more than usual


Change in experiencing joy or pleasure in things you used to

Feelings of hopelessness

And other things..

Understanding Depression

Sometimes when we’re feeling depressed, it can seem too difficult to acknowledge our feelings. You may try to will them away somehow, yet you continue to feel badly for the depression persisting despite these efforts.

When we experience depression, it can be difficult to understand that we will not always feel this way. I always like to remind people that there is hope! You can feel differently than the way you are feeling right now, which is why I invite you to make the commitment to yourself. Reach out for help and contact me, that can often feel like the hardest part. I will do my best to make the process as manageable as possible.

What to Expect in
Counseling for Depression with Me

During the first session we will discuss and expand on the intake paperwork, which was already completed via my private and secure client portal. If we decide to continue working together past the intake appointment, we will possibly use some Cognitive Behavioral Strategies in our work together. Together we will assess if this is the best mode for helping to ease your depression or if you could benefit more from a different therapy structure. I like to utilize worksheets with clients and we can decide if you would like to take this route or take another route. Always remember that you are the caption of your ship!

As we continue working together we will continually assess how you are feeling. Together, we will decide when you feel a lessening of your depression symptoms and wish to terminate therapy. There is no set number of sessions, everyone’s journey is different….

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