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When love becomes a struggle, it makes sense to seek help for redirection

Couples therapy, sometimes referred to as marriage therapy, is beneficial for all types of relationships. No matter the age, culture or longevity of the relationship, couples therapy can help both individuals appreciate each other, prevent unhealthy patterns and learn to resolve differences in a healthy way.

In couples therapy, I can help you work through issues such as:

Lack of trust, jealousy or infidelity

Family & parenting disputes

Intimacy Issues & Sex

Financial stress

Communication breakdowns


And other things..

Understanding Relationships

What exactly constitutes a relationship? This is something I think about often as a therapist who sees people in various contexts. I believe that relationships can be in so many shapes and forms! The person you are dating can be considered a relationship, as well as the person you are married to. Relationships are also within the context of a family. Families are one of the more complex relationships since they vary so much.

For example, there are the relationships between the parent and the other parent (if there is one involved.) If there is not another parent involved, there may be a relationship between the parent or guardian with his or her parents. If there are children involved there are relationships between the children, sibling relationships can also be complex.

Your relationship is not a one way road…

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