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In life transitions I like to think of this as the wonders of life and all it sometimes can throw at us. Are you experiencing the adjustment of a different living situation due to separation or divorce? Are your children preparing to leave for college or have already left for college and you are wondering how your life will be affected by this? Are you somebody who is preparing for college and are unsure of what your future has in store for you? Are you experiencing grief at the loss of a family member or close friend? Are you experiencing a challenging health diagnosis for yourself or somebody you care about? These are just some of the areas which may be helpful for you to see a therapist for. Reaching out can be really hard, especially when going through a serious life event. However, the long term benefits can outweigh the fear and uncertainty involved in taking the first step in reaching out.


Life is HARD. I get it since I am a real person just like you… I know that sometimes in life it can feel really tough, and like you are going it alone. This can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness and concerns over your future.

Therapy can benefit you with these tough feelings. Together we can discuss the events in your life which are affecting you, and which are important to you to work through. It may feel like you are climbing a mountain, but just like with climbing a real mountain, sometimes some assistance is needed. A person would not climb a mountain without the proper shoes, hydration or other equipment. Think of therapy as your tool for climbing the mountain, and giving it all you have to get to the top. Work and perseverance can be challenging, but think of what it could feel like to get to the top!

Together journeying through therapy we can help you set goals and figure out how to reach them. This could be an opportunity for you to rethink the way you look at your life. I know this is not easy, change is a process. Let’s see what we can do to work through things together.

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